Mickey Cannon is the administrative director of Project CADMUS. A veteran of the intelligence community who became the second chief administrator of Project Cadmus, after the death of Paul Westfield.
Known variously as the Mechanic and the Fixer, the Suicide Slum native is known for being able to fix almost anything; a skill that Cannon developed, over a long career, into a reputation for solving complex problems of all kinds-mechanical, organizational, personal, or political. He seemed the perfect man for the when it was the image of Project CADMUS itself that needed fixing.

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Like the CIA and other government agencies whose activities are covert and shielded from public scrutiny in the name of national security, Project CADMUS became a source of concern to the American electorate as the public increased its understanding of cloning - CADMUS' primary area of research and experimentation, along with meta-humanity and the metagene. Additionally, numerous internal conflicts and controversies created by the insane geneticist Dabney Donovan's initiatives threatened to spill over into the public arena. The government's response was a major restructuring of CADMUS that put Cannon in place as director.
In addition to bringing in new staff, Cannon's approach included making CADMUS' activities more "transparent", initiating public relations efforts that attempted to demonstrate the value of the Project's work to humanity, such as its relevance to life-extension research and innovations in the treatment of incurable diseases. Cannon also fell in frequent conflict with Lex Luthor, who frequently sought to acquire CADMUS for his own purposes.

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  • Mickey is an R&D vendor for meta users in the Watchtower Meta Wing.

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  • Mickey Cannon first appeared in Adventures of Superman #562 (October, 1998)

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