Military Tech is an Armor Style Set.


Military Tech (Healer)
Pieces Drops Stats
Military Tech (Tank)
Pieces Drops Stats
Military Tech (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats
Pollenized Inertron Shoulderguards (Shoulders) EVO Booster Gold (Gotham University Duo Instance)
Cyberlinked Inertron Boots (Feet) Necro Magent Grunh (Gotham University Duo Instance)
  • 140 Defense
  • 52 Health
  • 7 Power
  • 4 Precision
  • 8 Might
  • 17 Vitalizaton
  • 9 Dominance
  • 34 Item Level
  • Cannot trade           
Inertron Chestplate of the Abyss (Chest) Isis (Gotham University Duo Instance)
  • 175 Defense
  • 88 Health
  • 13 Power
  • 6 Precision
  • 13 Might
  • 29 Vitalization
  • 15 Dominance
  • Cannot trade
Royal Inertron Legguards (Legs) Isis (Gotham University Duo Instance)
Military Tech (Damage)
Pieces Drops Stats




The Military Tech's's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems do not appear on this style.


  • Collecting the full style set unlocks the feat Military Grade (25 points).



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