"Anything I can help you with?" —Mister Baker

Mister Baker is a Vendor NPC only available for hero characters in the GCPD 12th Precinct safehouse.

Baker sells common-grade equipment to New Heroes.

Involvement Edit


  • Mister Baker is a green-level Vendor for the Hero faction.

Vendor ListEdit

Soder Cola Extreme x6 MoneyPickup 900 Soder Cola Extreme
Soder Cola Supreme x6 MoneyPickup 726 Soder Cola Supreme
Soder Cola Plus x6 MoneyPickup 552 Soder Cola Plus
Soder Cola Classic x6 MoneyPickup 378 Soder Cola Classic
Soder Cola x6 MoneyPickup 180 Soder Cola (Item)
KnightWear Street Jacket MoneyPickup 151 40px
KnightWear Street Pants MoneyPickup 138 40px
KnightWear Street Hood MoneyPickup 126 40px
Trim Classic Gloves MoneyPickup 101 40px
KnightWear Street Belt MoneyPickup 88 40px
KnightWear Street Shoes MoneyPickup 131 40px
Brutal Outlaw's Jacket MoneyPickup 192 40px
Brutal Outlaw's Leggings MoneyPickup 176 40px
Brutal Outlaw's Helmet MoneyPickup 160 40px
Biker Gloves MoneyPickup 128 40px
Brutal Outlaw's Belt MoneyPickup 112 40px
Brutal Outlaw's Boots MoneyPickup 144 40px
Weighted Assault Longbow MoneyPickup 151 Icon Bow 001 White
Weighted Bonespur Gloves MoneyPickup 151 40px
Synthium Machine Pistols MoneyPickup 151 40px
Sharpened Axes MoneyPickup 151 40px
Argent Repulsor Gloves MoneyPickup 151 40px
Weighted Fighting Claws MoneyPickup 151 40px
Synthium Tomahawk MoneyPickup 151 40px
Longshot Rifle MoneyPickup 151 40px
Weighted Bulwark MoneyPickup 151 40px
Assault Halberd MoneyPickup 151 40px
Argent Hammer MoneyPickup 151 40px



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