Mister Boo is a trinket that increases Might by 246 and summons a pet for 20 seconds. 

Obtained fromEdit

The item is available from the following vendors during the Halloween event:

Mister Boo previously dropped from The Vault, events, and challenges during the 2011 and 2012 Halloween events.


When summoned, Mister Boo uses a variety of Mental moves:

  • Fires energy balls
  • Panics enemies
  • Lifts enemies into the air using Telekinesis
  • Teleports to enemies
  • Places Bastion upon himself after taking too much damage


  • Mister Boo is only transparent at the eyes.
  • Mister Boo occasionally shouts "Boo" when summoned in a very monotone voice. (until Game update 17)


Since game update 25 this item cannot be used in PvP arenas anymore.


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