"Anything in particular you're interested in purchasing today?" —Mister Buschmann

Mister Buschmann is a Vendor NPC only available for hero characters in the GCPD 9th Precinct safehouse.

Buschmann sells common-grade equipment to New Heroes.

Involvement Edit


  • Mister Buschmann is a green-level Vendor for the Hero faction.

Vendor ListEdit

Soder Cola Extreme x6 MoneyPickup 900 Soder Cola Extreme
Soder Cola Supreme x6 MoneyPickup 726 Soder Cola Supreme
Soder Cola Plus x6 MoneyPickup 552 Soder Cola Plus
Soder Cola Classic x6 MoneyPickup 378 Soder Cola Classic
Soder Cola x6 MoneyPickup 180 Soder Cola (Item)
Slimline Shirt MoneyPickup 60 40px
T Slimline Shirt MoneyPickup 110 40px
Combat Slimline Tights MoneyPickup 101 40px
Slimline Tights MoneyPickup 55 40px
Future Cop Helmet MoneyPickup 91 40px
Full Cross Mask MoneyPickup 50 40px
Classic Gloves MoneyPickup 40 40px
Classic Rivets Gloves MoneyPickup 73 40px
Riveted Belt MoneyPickup 64 40px
Simple Utility Belt MoneyPickup 35 40px
Power-Reinforced Boots MoneyPickup 45 40px
Clean Cuffed Boots MoneyPickup 82 40px
Ardent Longbow MoneyPickup 60 Icon Bow 001 White
Plated Knuckle Dusters MoneyPickup 60 40px
Paired Synth-Plated Pistols MoneyPickup 60 40px
Sturdy Axes MoneyPickup 60 40px
Synth-Plated Blast Gloves MoneyPickup 60 40px
Capoeira Claws MoneyPickup 60 40px
Serrated Dagger MoneyPickup 60 40px
Steadyshot Longrifle MoneyPickup 60 40px
Ardent Buckler MoneyPickup 60 40px
Ardent's Glaive MoneyPickup 60 40px
The Bludgeoner MoneyPickup 60 40px


Mister Buschmann is named after the DCUO Quality Analyst Andrew Buschmann.


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