"Gear - that's what I got. You want some? I take cash" — Mister Hill

Mister Hill is found in the Meta Wing of the Hall of Doom and sells various types of consumables.

Vendor ListEdit

Soder Cola Extreme (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 900 Soder Cola Extreme
Soder Cola Supreme (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 726 Soder Cola Supreme
Soder Cola Plus (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 552 Soder Cola Plus
Soder Cola Classic (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 378 Soder Cola Classic
Soder Cola (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 180 Soder Cola (Item)
Soder Cola Infinite Consumable MoneyPickup 500 Soder Cola Purple (generic)


  • This vendor will repair gear.


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