MutilAid is a solo Arc Mission given by Agent Equity located in Little Bohemia east of the Metropolis University in between the buildings by the street near the water. If you are standing on the top of Metropolis University and notice a tall building behind Metropolis University you wanna jump a street over and keep straight on ahead on the road. Look right and you see a Big Belly Burger and a Star Labs billboard. So take the left Alley way you will notice on your Map.

Background Edit

Lex Luthor is developing a method to take down the new super heroes by transforming them into copies of Parasite. Lex Luthor needs the help of the new Villain, fresh off the Brainiac Harvester Ship to help him finish the tests and prevent Supergirl from stopping them.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy antidote (Count: 20)

Map Edit

Multi Aid Location

Rewards Edit