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This page lists news items posted at the wiki.

Past Updates

Update 16 : July 17, 2012 : Update 15 : June 27, 2012
The Last Laugh DLC : June 19th, 2012 : Update 14 : June 4, 2012 : Update 13 : May 9, 2012
Update 12 : Apr 18, 2012 : Update 11 : Mar 27, 2012 : The Battle for Earth DLC : Mar 13th, 2012
Update 10 : Feb 28, 2012 : Update 9 : Feb 2, 2012 : Update 8 : Jan 10, 2012
Update 7 : Dec 13, 2011 : Lightning Strikes DLC : Dec 6th, 2011 : Update 6 : Nov 15, 2011
Update 5 : Oct 4, 2011 : FIght for the Light DLC : Sep 6th, 2011 : MegaServer Update : Aug 11, 2011
Update 4 : Aug 1, 2011 : Update 3 : Jun 9, 2011 : Update 2 : Apr 5, 2011 : Update 1 : Feb 22, 2011

Current news

New Membership Benefits April 3rd, 2012

DC Universe Online’s is about to get even more rewarding! Starting April 3rd, 2012, all players with a Legendary Membership, either PC or PS3, will see exciting new benefits. Don’t worry! All your current benefits will remain as they are now, including your complete access to all Downloadable Content (DLC) Packs, but in addition, you’ll receive…

All players with a recurring Legendary Membership will receive 500 Station Cash (PC) or 500 Loyalty Points (PS3) every month. That’s right! Take yourself on a shopping spree once a month, on us! You might not be Bruce Wayne, but you’ll sure feel like it once you start spending all this cash.
So, let’s talk about what Loyalty Points are. For PS3 players, we’re not able to grant you dollars in your PSN wallets for Marketplace purchases, so we’ve created an entirely new system and currency to reward you in-game. When the program begins, you’ll find Skeets’ Legendary Emporium in the police stations and safe houses. These Loyalty Vendors will stock much of what’s available on the regular Marketplace, including Respec Tokens and many of our other best-selling items. Each month, you’ll receive Loyalty Points, and you can spend them at the Loyalty Vendors just as you would in the Marketplace. 500 Loyalty Points are equivalent to $5.00 USD. We will continue to expand what is available for purchase with Loyalty Points, so stay tuned!
Remember, even if you decide later to drop back to Premium Access, you’ll still have all the goodies you’ve purchased as a loyal Legendary Member.

As part of upgrading the Legendary Membership, we’ve created an entirely new system that all players can utilize in-game to earn rewards. Promethium Lockboxes have a rare chance of dropping from any enemies you defeat anywhere in the world (once you’re level 10). Inside, you’ll find unique, new, and powerful gear that you can’t find anywhere else.
All players can find Promethium Lockboxes, but players with Free or Premium Access will have to purchase a Promethium Key from the Marketplace to open them. With a Legendary Membership, you’ve got it made. You can unlock any and all Promethium Lockboxes you find, immediately, for free!

To put the finishing touch on the new Legendary Membership, we’ve also created new items for the Marketplace called Replay Badges. Replay Badges allow anyone to reset their instance loot lockouts. Let’s say you’ve just finished a raid and you want to run it again, right away, right now, AND you want to continue to earn its rewards. With Replay Badges, now you can do just that!
Replay Badges are available to all players in the Marketplace, but with your Legendary Membership, you get 150 (a $5 USD value!) every month, to use and enjoy as you see fit.

DC Universe Online is Free to Play. Your Way. And if you like the way monthly Replay Badges, unlimited unlocks of Promethium Lockboxes, and monthly stipends of cash or points sound, we think your way may be and feel a bit more Legendary, starting April 3rd.

Research and Development!

Since Brainiac’s arrival, scientists and engineers the world over have been working tirelessly to learn everything possible about the Exobytes Lex Luthor released into the atmosphere. Though many of the Exobytes have found their way to human hosts, still more have gone dormant and begun to decay. Finally, breakthroughs in nanite technology will allow Heroes and Villains to find and utilize these unclaimed Exobytes in the form of powerful Equipment Mods and Consumables! Beginning at level 10, players can begin to enjoy the benefits of modified technology.

Gather Exobits and Exobytes!
The first step in harnessing the untapped power of the Exobytes lies in finding them. Residual Exobytes in the world have broken down into units called Exobits. These smaller pieces are scattered around Gotham City, Metropolis, and Central City. Gather the Exobits, then forge them into new Exobytes of varying qualities at Research and Development stations.

Research Plans!
Of course, before construction can begin, you must decide what kind of item you wish to create. Equipment Mods can be socketed into gear for powerful benefits, and various Consumables will lend you bonuses for short durations of time. Plans for the creation of either can be found throughout the world or purchased at new Research and Development vendors.

Develop Equipment Mods and Consumables!
Once you have learned the appropriate plan, collect the necessary components, including Exobytes, and assemble the new item at a Research and Development station. Equipment Mods come in various colors which, when matched with similarly colored sockets on your gear, can provide even further bonuses and power.

Finally, some gear found in the world can now be deconstructed at Research and Development stations to aid in the process. Salvaging these items will return Research and Development components that can be used in other recipes.

Research and Development is right around the corner, coming soon in Game Update 8. What will you make? Tune into our webcast at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, January 5th, 2012, for more information!

  • Ximal


    November 20, 2011 by Ximal

    SAN DIEGO – November 17, 2011 –Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) will soon launch its second Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online with the worldwide release of Lightning Strikes, later this year. Launching simultaneously on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC, Lightning Strikes introduces Electricity Powers –the game's eighth power set –and a new adventure starring the iconic speedster The Flash.

    "In this DLC pack, fans have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another great character and action-packed story from the DC Universe," said Jens Andersen, Creative Director for DC Universe Online. "With exciting gameplay, a new power set and new locations to share with your friends, we packed a whole new kind of fun into this DLC pack and are eager for our players to dive into another legendary adventure."

    In addition to the new Electricity Power set, DC Universe Online players will also be able to interact with The Flash-themed characters an…

    Read more >
  • Ausir

    Sony Online Entertainment has announced that starting in October, DC Universe Online will become free to play, just like many other MMO games have recently.

    PC and PS3 userw will be able to download and play the game for free, with two character slots and access to all of the game's locations and ability to purchase additional expansion packs. Those who spend more than $5 on the game will receive premium membership, with access to more content, like additional character slots or larger inventory. Paying $14.99 or buying a lifetime subscription will give them legendary membership, with huge inventory, over 15 character slots and free access to all upcoming DLC.

    Lorin Jameson of SOE comments on the decision:

    "In terms of 'Is it a result in a drop in subs' – absolutely not," he said. "This is the right business model. If I can be honest, the game ended up costing a lot more than we thought it would, and this was our preferred business model from day one."

    Do you think it's a good thing that th…

    Read more >
  • JoePlay

    Release date confirmed!

    December 21, 2010 by JoePlay

    Game Director Chris Cao has confirmed the release date and subscription fees for DC Universe Online.

    The release date is January 11 for North America and January 14 for Europe.

    The subscription fee is $15 (€13) per month. PC players have the option of paying $199 (€180) for a lifetime subscription.

    Source: IGN

    Read more >
In the March update, which is being called Update 2, players will face off against The Penguin as the gang war story line that is currently in game continues. Along with The Penguin are a series of penguin henchmen players will battle, including ROBOT PENGUINS! Two-Face will also show up in game to take part in the ongoing gang war and to become a playable character in Legends PVP where he will have two "modes" or fighting styles and a super charged coin flip move.


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