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OMAC Batman
OMAC Batman

Level Brainiac Mob

Race Technology enhanced Human or Cyborg
Weapons Martial Arts / Brawling / Gadgets
Movement Acrobatics
Faction Brainiac
Instance Batcave: Inner Sanctum
Batcave: Brainiac Subconstruct


Heroes Hostile
Villains Hostile

The OMAC Batman is an OMAC unit formed around the superhero Batman by Brother Eye while he tried to clear out the Batcave: Inner Sanctum.

Involvement Edit

  • Batman has been infected with the OMAC virus and Brainiac is one step closer to digitizing all of Earth. You must assault his lair in the Batcave and stop him.

Combat TipsEdit

Item Drops Edit


  • The Robot Batman is similar to the OMAC Batman in appearance except in size.


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