Ocean Master is the jealous half-brother of Arthur Curry, with the two sharing the same father. Determined to usurp the throne of Atlantis, Orm employs piracy and terrorism to reach his goals as the nefarious Ocean Master.


Orm was born the son of a tryst between Atlan the wizard and an Inupiat woman.
Growing up in Alaska, within a family of traditionalists, Orm vehemently rejected the archaic ways of his people.

He first met Arthur when the hero encountered his village as one of the hero’s first encounters with humans. When Orm’s cousin, Kako, and Arthur began a sexual relationship Orm attacked her in a jealous rage because she loved Aquaman and not him. Later, having learnt of his true heritage, Orm donned the guise of Ocean Master and took to piracy and oceanic terrorism in repeated efforts to usurp the throne of Atlantis from Arthur. Ocean Master later started using mystical powers after having sold his soul to the demon Neron for a powerful trident which gave him great power, but caused him equally great agony if released.

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  • Ocean Master appears as part of the Tides of War Summer Event.


  • Heroes are recruited by Oracle to assist Aquaman in preventing Ocean Master and his forces from invading and taking over an Atlantean Outpost near Metropolis.
  • Following the defence of the outpost, hero players may assist Aquaman’s naval forces board and destroy Ocean Master’s mutineer naval forces in the strait north of Little Bohemia.



  • Ocean Master first appeared in Aquaman #29 (September 1966).
  • Ocean Master's original appearance in DC Universe Online was based off of his "Classic" New Earth incarnation before the 2011 "New 52" reboot, however, as of Deluge, Ocean Master's look was updated to his "Rebirth" appearance.
  • Ocean Master is voiced by Sandy McIlree.
  • Ocean Master's helmet allows him to breathe underwater.


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