Old Gotham Subway is a Gotham location, a Tier 2 Solo Challenge and a Tier 3 Duo.
Access to the Challenge requires a Combat Rating of 43 while access to the Duo requires a Combat Rating of 53.
The Challenge rewards 1 Mark of Victory for players with a Combat Rating between 43 and 64. Players with a Combat Rating higher than 64 only receive loot items from the Challenge.
The Duo rewards 2 Marks of Victory for players with a Combat Rating between 53 and 79. Players with a Combat Rating higher than 79 only receive Loot items from the Duo.

The Old Gotham Subway is an underground series of abandoned subway tunnels located underneath Gotham City in the Burnley district.
Following Brainiac bottling the majority of the Diamond District, including the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin relocates his headquarters to the subway tunnels and begins manipulating the gang war in Gotham, evoked by the Joker, to his favor.

Be wary of the extremely dangerous Soul-Infused Corpses in the area.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Learning of Penguin's plans, Two-Face, due to a good-side flip of his coin, informs the new heroes of them and leads them to the Penguin's lair in the old subway tunnels.
Following their success, Two-Face takes over the lair for his own purposes. Old Gotham Subway

Duo DescriptionEdit

Two-Face has discovered the location of the Penguin's smuggling operation in Gotham City's old underground subway tunnels.





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