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Once More With Rockets! is one of three level 30 daily missions in the Toyman's Time Out set that could be started at the terminals in the Monitor Womb of the Watchtower or in the Sabotage Chamber in the Hall of Doom.


Toyman's newest toy experiments are definitely unsafe for all ages. Time to break their warranty.


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After an update, the process of launching Rocket Randy is greatly simplified. The player now could go to an upper floor of Skryker's and find them ready to launch. Directly attacking Toyman's air fleet would not work, the robots cap damage at 1 and self destruct in a few hits.

While as Rocket Randy, both left and right click fires some sort of Heat Vision which eliminates the targeted robot in one hit. Click 1 to unleash a flame wave to destroy all nearby robots. Click 2 to heal and 3 to exit the robot.



Feat - They're Not Dolls


  • After game update 20 the mission has been moved from the open world to an own instance to make room for the Home Turf episode content. Going to Stryker's manually does no longer work. The player has to go through the teleporter in the Monitor Womb (Watchtower) or the Sabotage Chamber (Hall of Doom) to start the missions.
  • Since game update 27 the mission is replayable. Resetting always costs 15 replay badges, no matter whether 1, 2 or 3 of the missions in the set are locked.
  • Of the three missions only this one really changed with the move into an own instance. Previously, the player had to use one of the launch pads at Stryker's front yard. They would shoot the player into the sky, where a launch pad on a platform shoot them higher and the process must be repeated for four times. There the robot doll to take over could be found. The player had to be in their movement mode (e.g. Flyers must be airborne) to be shot far enough horizontally to reach the next platform.


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