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Oolong Island is a Global Briefing that can be found on Oolong Island during the Alert of the same name. There are ten parts that comprise this briefing, spread out across the entire island.

Note: The island is comprised of a series of buildings. The buildings do not actually have in-game names but are ordered in this guide based on the order they are approached in the alert. The buildings are referred to as complexes, numbered 1 to 5. e.g.: Complex 5 is the last building you encounter in the normal progress of the alert, which houses Chang Tzu.

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Briefings Edit

Part 1: Oolong Island: Chang Tzu Edit

Oolong brief 4 Oolong Island Briefing 1 Map
  • Location: On a boat in the back of the first complex.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 2: Oolong Island: T.O. Morrow Edit

Oolong brief 10 Oolong Island Briefing 2 Map
  • Location: On the ground by the rocks as you get off the bridge from the 1st complex.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 3: Oolong Island: Will Magnus Edit

Oolong brief 3 Oolong Island Briefing 3 Map
  • Location: Small hill by first complex. Underneath a palm tree.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 4: Oolong Island: Lois Lane Edit

Oolong brief 7 Oolong Island Briefing 4 Map
  • Location: On pipes entering the mountain behind the 2nd complex.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 5: Oolong Island: Batman Edit

Oolong brief 5 Oolong Island Briefing 5 Map
  • Location: Roof to the right of the entrance to the 3rd Complex.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 6: Oolong Island: Circe Edit

Oolong brief 6 Oolong Island Briefing 6 Map
  • Location: On top of closed door on the south side of the large mountain in the middle of the map.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 7: Oolong Island: Joker Edit

Oolong brief 2 Oolong Island Briefing 7 Map
  • Location: Roof to the left of the entrance to the 4th Complex.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 8: Oolong Island: Lex Luthor Edit

Oolong brief 8 Oolong Island Briefing 8 Map
  • Location: Middle of the hill between the 4th and 5th complex.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 9: Oolong Island: Lois and Superman Edit

Oolong brief 9 Oolong Island Briefing 9 Map
  • Location: Left of entrance to 5th complex underneath pipes on the corner.
  • Briefing : Unknown

Part 10: Oolong Island: Wonder Woman Edit

Oolong brief 1 Oolong Island Briefing 10 Map
  • Location: Inside rocky portion of the 5th complex behind some stalagmites.
  • Briefing : Unknown


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Amanda Waller, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: Amanda Waller Subject: Briefing: Oolong Island
"Coded Transmission Follows: You never know what your research money is really funding until the project ends. Good work out there. We'll handle the cleanup. Waller out."
Attachment: Gadgeteer's Helmet


Head22 3

This collection rewards the player with the Gadgeteer's Helmet head style item (style: Gadgeteer).

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