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Oracle (Barbara Gordon)

Title Oracle
Faction Heroes
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Gotham City



The adoptive daughter and niece of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon graduated from Gotham University at a young age and took a job with the Gotham Public Library. Admiring Batman, Barbara donned a homemade "Batgirl" costume to a Police Masquerade and ended up foiling an attack by the Killer Moth while wearing the costume. Having gotten a taste of heroics, she began operating as Batgirl at night; often alongside Batman and Robin, however, Barbara eventually found her role as Batgirl less and less fulfilling and she eventually retired.
When the Joker shot her and turned her into a paraplegic, Barbara recognized she could no longer be the kind of superhero she had been, instead she devoted all her time to developing one of the world's most complex and powerful computer systems and set to work accumulating information as a world-wide co-ordinator for the hero community; renaming herself "Oracle."


  • During the first instance in the Headquarters PvP arena, terminals that have been secured by Heroes will have a hologram of Oracle hovering above them.


  • Oracle offers mission information and objectives to hero players.
  • Oracle teams up with Calculator to hack into Brainiac's systems and trap him with his own bottling technology after Brainiac is defeated at the end of Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct.


  • For Meta villains, Oracle can be heard issuing security warnings as the player makes their way through the JLA Watchtower.


  • Barbara Gordon first appeared in Detective Comics #359 (January 1967)
  • Oracle is voiced by Kathy Catmull.
  • Oracle maintains control over the twelve technologically advanced satellites that were created by Lex Luthor during his tenure as President of the United States.
  • Oracle and Nightwing harbour a relationship which stems from their days as Batgirl and Robin respectively.
  • Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, Oracle has extensive skills with eskrima fighting sticks, small firearms, and Batarangs; she customarily keeps a pair of eskrima sticks stored in the armrests of her wheelchair as a contingency.
  • Blessed with a photographic memory, Barbara reads dozens of the world's top newspapers and magazines daily. She's also constantly gathering information from other, less public sources, such as the CIA's mainframe, not to mention the data networks of the FBI, NSA and Interpol (all without their knowledge or consent).
  • Barbara says that she was 18 years old when she was Batgirl.
  • Barbara Gordon graduated summa cum laude ("with very great honor") with a Ph.D and doctorate in library science at Gotham State University.


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