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"What's mine is mine, and mine and mine, and mine, and mine, and mine! Not yours!" —Orange Lantern Corps Oath


The Orange Lantern Corps symbol

The Orange Lantern Corps is essentially a light construct army created by Larfleeze and powered by the orange light of avarice.

An orange light Power Ring has the ability to create orange light replicas, referred to as "constructs", based on the identities of those it kills. As Larfleeze is too greedy to share his rings, he uses his ring's ability to create constructs in order to field an army of Orange Lanterns to face his foes for him.


  • During the Winter Holidays Seasonal event, Larfleeze and his Orange Lanterns are stealing holiday presents and trees to keep for themselves. New Heroes and New Villains are recruited by Hal Jordan and Sinestro respectively to stop them.




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