Break up the Bane hoods distribution Venom at Cape Carmine, and get samples for analysis.


  • Travel to Cape Carmine
"Bane is back in Gotham. He uses Venum to fuel his immense strength and brutality, and now his gang is selling the stuff all over the East End. Venom's a short-lasting steroid, not your typical street drug - take some samples for analysis, and get that Venom off the streets." — Batman
  • Defeat Bane Thugs Protecting Venom Shipments (0/15)
  • Locate Venum shipments and take samples from the crates (0/20)
  • Find Strongmen with Venom crates and take him out before he can make his delivery (0/10)
"Hm. These samples are a weaker version of Bane's usual Venom. A mega-steroid like Venum doesn't just build muscles, it can destroy your body. And it smalls terrible, I might add. [coughs]" — Oracle

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