The Scarecrow has the East End of Gotham City in a panic. You need to help the citizens over come their nightmare without becoming lost in your own nightmare.


This starts with Batman after you talk to Sergent Doak.

"This is Batman. I understand you just destroyed a Brainiac Harvestor Ship. Impressive. Let's see if you can handle hero work on the ground. The Scarecrow has escaped from Arkham Asylum and is filling the East End with fear gas. Ready to face your nightmares?" — Batman


  • Travel to abandoned construction site in East End.
  • Collect fear gas activators x25
  • Defeat Screamers x15


Follow the yellow arrow on your mini-map to the abandoned construction site in the East End of Gotham City.

Then listen to Batman's new message.

Batman: Welcome to a typical night in Gotham. Scarecrow's gang has overrun the East End, pumping fear gas into the atmosphere. They're using an abandoned construction site to distribute fear gas foggers to the rest of Gotham. Shut them down before they panic the entire city.

Then look for the Screamers. They are wearing yellow jackets. Take them out and collect the fear gas activators.

"Scarecrow's thugs are as crazy as he is - and that's saying something. The more of them you put back in Arkham Asylum, the better." — Oracle




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