Takeout Scarecrow's henchman as they spread fear gas and terror across the East End.


Batman: The gassed areas of the East End are a living nightmare. Gotham Hazmat is overwhelmed. Help them maintain control, but be careful. The gas will make you pick up on the fears of those around you...or create your own nightmare.


  • Reach crime scene in East End
  • Secure and protect civilians until Hazmat Arrives x5
  • Destroy Fear Gas Foggers x7
  • Defeat Scarecrow's gang x 20


Follow the yellow arrow on your mini-map to the crime scene. When you get in the area you will receive a message from the Oracle.

Oracle: Hey, so, you should know that people everywhere can use your help. Usually you'll find them near crisis spots in the city. Here's one! See if you can lend a hand?

  • Find Hazmat Officer

Follow the yellow arrow on the mini-map to the Hazmat Officer. You'll need to find him to update your journal. He will give you a side mission Aversion Therapy.

You will need to travel around this area looking for Screamers, Poisoners, and Shrieker then take them out. The foggers look like big fans. Destroy them. Find Hallucinating Victims and press E on them. Then protect them from Hallucination that attack.

"Good job smashing those foggers. Scarecrow's gas creates hallucinations from the fear centers of the brain, so strong they can cause trauma, even death." — Oracle