Take out the GCPD patrolling the streets of Burnley.


"Welcome! I’m planning a little…diversion for our Batty friend. A good old fashioned Gotham gang war. The Falcone gang hates the Penguin. But they never had the firepower to put that birdbrain in his place…until now! Haha. I’ve sent them Joker explosives and the big payday, a shipment of Apokolyptian weapons. Keep the cops away from the goods. The party’s just getting started!" — Joker
  • Go to the Burnley Waterfront in Gotham City
  • Take out Rookie Cops Hassling Falcone's Men (0/15)
  • Take the Weapons from Rookie Cops (0/10)
"No matter how many cops the Falcones pay off, there are always a few left to "protect and serve..." Even fewer now, thanks to you." — Calculator

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