Pest Control is a mission in The HIVE Gets Stung! story arc provided to low level meta and magic villains.

Beat back the HIVE attacking LexCorp Exobyte transports near Outlook Park.

Background Edit

The H.I.V.E. along with Queen Bee are being controlled by Brainiac. Help Lex Luthor stop Brainiac's influence over them and gather the exobytes for Society's personal gain.

Objectives Edit

"This is Lex Luthor. Since you performed the last task so admirably, I think you're the one to handle this developing situation. HIVE drones are attacking crucial Exobyte transports near the Metropolis Metrodome. Go crush some insects and retrieve my Exobytes. I've worked too hard to let Queen Bee's mindless bugs ruin it now" — Lex Luthor
  • Go to HIVE infestation near Outlook Park.
  • Take out HIVE workers stealing exobytes (Count: 20).
  • Protect LexCop Forces (Count: 5)
"Ugh. I hate insects. Especially when they're the enslaved minions of a crazy alien bug lady. Queen Bee uses hypno pollen to link all those guys directly to her mind.... so, like I always say, don't inhale." — Calculator

Freelance missionsEdit

Non-Player Characters Edit



Rewards Edit

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