The Pillars of Hades are a magical phenomenon located in Robinson Park. Caused by demonic magic, the pillars are formed from earth ripped from the park grounds that now float in the air above.

Purple energy orbs fall from the top parts of the pillars regularly. When they come into contact with players, minor damage is dealt and they may be trapped.
Pillars of Hades energy orb

An energy orb trapping a player.

In-Game HistoryEdit

"The Pillars of Hades, as they are being called, are part of some demonic ritual, connected with Brother Blood and his Cult of Blood. The pillars are believed to have been ripped from the earth by Brother Blood as he channeled the power of his demon lord, Trigon. I'm not yet certain what they might be up to - maybe the world's most difficult miniature golf course?" — Booster Gold






  • The Pillars of Hades are a precursor to the corrupting effect of Trigon and the presence of the pocket dimension known as the Gotham Wasteland.

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