Mission is given by the Riddler Vending Machine.

Retrieve the 4 Aces.

Location Edit

The side mission can be picked up in Otisburg. Machine location is 2 blocks West of the Greenhouse. Go to  Monarch Playing Card Company, follow direction EAST. On the west side of the second building beyond the rails there is some damage to the wall near the ground. In one of the holes is a vending machine with Riddler Question marks.

Walkthrough Edit

This mission takes place inside Monarch Playing Card Company.

  • Find various cards on the floor of the factory

Although the title says "solve riddles from suspicious vending machines," you are actually picking up cards off the floor inside the factory (there is one vending machine, that you can interact with that makes a joke about not being able to serve you)

  • Cards are dispersed throughout:
    1. First large room
    2. Second large room
    3. Third large room
    4. Across the pipe (before you drop down) that leads down into Riddler's area.
  • When all cards are found the reward is issued

Results Edit

? exp, 19 Cash, Chemical Handling Grips and a Mark of Victory

Gallery Edit

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