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Power primalwolf

Power Set: Nature
Tree: Fauna

Official DescriptionEdit

Only available to the Damage Role.
Transform into a Primal Wolf with new weapon combos, super-speed, and increased critical attack damage for you and your group. After you knock out an enemy, you and your group gain an increased critical attack chance, and you gain the possibility to stun your target with your next weapon attack. Increases all damage by 40% (sustained while in Primal Wolf form).

Usable While Controlled


Purchasing Primal Wolf Form also grants access to Insectoid Form.
Primal Wolf Form

Buffs : Locked 40% Damage Modifier; +20% Control Resistance;
+15% Critical Attack Damage; +5% Critical Damage
Team Buff: +5% Critical Attack Damage
Killing opponent: + 3% Critical Attack Chance; +5% Critical Damage

Submit to your primal instincts and increase the critical attack chance and Precision of yourself and your group members.

Carnage in Primal Wolf Form causes Serpent Call and Roar to inflict additional instant damage, damage over time and recover a portion of their power cost. Serpent Call and Roar damage is further enhanced when activated at close range.

Primal Wolf Melee Combos

  • Taps: Wolf Claw
    • Basic melee.
  • Hold: Wolf Rush
    • Interrupts, Vulnerable to Block.
    • Leap quickly at an enemy deflecting ranged attacks and juggling them into the air when Supercharge is at maximum
  • Hold Hold: Ferocious Backfist
    • Interrupts, Vulnerable to Block.
    • Lunge at an enemy deflecting ranged attacks and knocking them down.
  • Tap Hold: Feral Stomp
    • Interrupts, Vulnerable to Block.
    • Viciously stomp enemies in front of you knocking them down.
  • Tap Tap Hold: Hop Claw
    • Interrupts, Vulnerable to Block.
    • A quick claw attack stunning and knocking down enemies in front of you.
  • Tap Tap Tap Hold: Double Slash
    • Interrupts, Vulnerable to Block.
    • Slash at enemies in front of you with both claws stunning and juggling them into the air.
  • Tap Tap Tap Tap Hold: Primal Uppercut
    • Interrupts, Vulnerable to Block.
    • Clobber enemies in front of you with a rising uppercut that juggles them into the air.

Primal Wolf Ranged Combos

  • Taps: Air Slash
    • Basic ranged
  • Hold: Primal Burst
    • Block Breaker, Vulnerable to Interrupt.
    • Lob primal energy blasting enemies in a sphere and knocking them down.
  • Hold Hold: Lupine Darts
    • Block Breaker, Vulnerable to Interrupt.
    • Fling darts in a long range cone to damage and knock enemies down.

Super SpeedEdit

Primal Wolf Form default Movement is that of Speedster, whether you choose it or not in Character Creation.

All other Speedster attacks and abilities can be purchased and performed in Werewolf form only if Super Speed was chosen during Character Creation.

If the player has purchased their native movement boost ability (e.g. Supersonic) they will gain access to super speed movement boosts while in this form. If the player has purchased their native movement attack abilities they can be used in this form (except Dive Bomb or Dustoff).

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