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Prince Ulgo
2011-11-28 00009

Level [[]] Mob

Gender Male
Race Gorilla
Instance Little Bohemia
Watchtower Containment Facility (Alert)


Heroes Hostile
Villains Unknown

Prince Ulgo is a member of Gorilla Grodd's Gorilla Army.

Involvement Edit


  • Prince Ulgo can appear on top of a cylindrical building south of the Police Station within the area of Little Bohemia under attack by Grodd's Gorilla Army. Players can choose to combat Ulgo, upon his defeat he will disappear and appear again a few minutes later.
  • Prince Ulgo appears in the Watchtower Containment Facility Alert, having being captured and imprisoned by the Justice League following the attack on Little Bohemia. Following a failed attempt by Brainiac's Forces to control him, players must qwell Ulgo as he attempts to release his soldiers from their prisons within the facility.

Item Drops Edit



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