Beat down the Bane hoods distributing Venom on Falcone's turf at Cape Carmine.


"Bane is trying to muscle in on the Falcone's turf. This just won't do. Perhaps you've heard about Venom? It's not just any steroid - it blows up your body and your mind! Bane's meatheads are distributing it all over Cape Carmine. Let's contaminate their supply, shall we?" — Joker
  • Defeat Bane Thugs Protecting Venom Shipments (0/15)
  • Locate Venom shipments and contaminate the crates (0/10)
  • Find Strongmen with Venom crates and take him out before he can make his delivery (0/10)
"I've never [scoffs] tried Venom mysef, but I hear those mega-steroids make you both big and crazy. Crazy enough to take over Falcone turf when the Joker's on their side, apparently." — Calculator

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