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R&D Gear are armor pieces which can be produced through the process of research and development.

R&D plans and R&D parts needed to assemble gear are bound to episode cycles, e.g episode 18, 19 and 20, and will only produce gear dropping from those specific episodes.

Every episode cycle will have items which do not drop from playing content and thus exclusively are available as R&D Gear.

Introduced with game update 54 R&D Gear is primarily meant as a last resort to obtain gear not dropping as loot from doing content. It is not meant to replace the need to play content to get gear, thus its assembly costs and parts gathering time have been made quite expensive.


The R&D plans needed to produce R&D Gear are episode specific and can be bought from the episode vendors.

Plans become available at the vendor alongside the episode cycle's release scheme for regular gear.

  • Episode 1/3: Fused Scraps, Chest, Back, Legs and Waist
  • Episode 2/3: Head, Hands, Feet and Shoulders, Face
  • Episode 3/3: Neck, Trinket, Utility Belt, Weapon Box, Ring



Scraps are the remainders of salvaging unneeded gear at an R&D Station. They are the raw materials for producing R&D gear.

Depending on its rarity, salvaged gear will produce a guaranteed minimum number of scraps and might in very rare cases produce up to 396.

  • Uncommon: 2, 5, 12 or 132 scraps
  • Rare: 4, 10, 24 or 264 scraps
  • Epic: 6, 15, 36 or 396 scraps

Every episode cycle has its own unique kind of scraps, meaning to produce gear from e.g. episodes 18, 19 and 20 you will need to also salvage gear from those episodes.

Fused ScrapsEdit

Fused Scraps can be made at an R&D Station from Scraps previously salvaged. 100 Scraps will provide 1 Fused Scrap. The R&D plan for the Fused Scraps is available at the episode vendor.

Matter EnhancerEdit

Matter Enhancers are R&D Parts used to assemble R&D Gear. They are available from R&D Vendors and cost 5 Marks of Victory.

How-to Assemble R&D GearEdit

  1. Play content from the episodes in question and salvage unneeded gear at an R&D Station to produce the episodes specific scraps, for episodes 18, 19 and 20 that would be Metalloid Scraps.
  2. Visit the episode vendor for the episodes you are missing gear from, e.g. Equipment Supplier 181920.
    1. Buy the plan to produce Fused Scraps for that episode cycle, for episodes 18, 19 and 20 that would be Plans: Fused Metalloid Scraps. 100 scraps from salvaged gear will allow you to assemble 1 Fused Scrap.
    2. Buy the plan for the gear piece you want to assemble, e.g. chest, trinket or rings. Use it and go to an R&D Station to check out the number of parts you will need. Plans for R&D Gear will appear below all other plans in the Assembly tab of the R&D Station.
  3. Buy the number of Matter Enhancers needed to assemble the wanted gear piece from a R&D vendor.
  4. If you have gathered the required amount of scraps to produce the Fused Scraps needed and have bought the required number of Matter Enhancers, you are ready to assemble the wanted gear piece at a R&D Station.
Assembly Costs
Gear Plan Cost Scraps Fused Scraps Matter Enhancer Total Cost
Chest 45 MarkofVictory 300 3 9 90 MarkofVictory
Back 30 MarkofVictory 300 3 6 60 MarkofVictory
Legs 45 MarkofVictory 300 3 9 90 MarkofVictory
Waist 35 MarkofVictory 300 3 7 70 MarkofVictory
Head 40 MarkofVictory 700 7 8 80 MarkofVictory
Hands 30 MarkofVictory 700 7 7 65 MarkofVictory
Feet 30 MarkofVictory 700 7 7 65 MarkofVictory
Shoulders 35 MarkofVictory 700 7 7 70 MarkofVictory
Face 15 MarkofVictory 400 4 4 35 MarkofVictory
Neck 20 MarkofVictory 800 8 4 35 MarkofVictory
Trinket 45 MarkofVictory 800 8 9 90 MarkofVictory
Utility Belt 45 MarkofVictory 800 8 9 90 MarkofVictory
Weapon Box 55 MarkofVictory 800 8 10 105 MarkofVictory
Ring(s) 20 MarkofVictory 400(+400) 4(+4) 4(+4) 40(+20) MarkofVictory

Available PlansEdit

R&D Plans for R&D Gear
Episode 15, 16 and 17 Episode 18, 19 and 20 Episode 21, 22 and 23
Fused Scraps Plans: Fused Lochelite Scraps Plans: Fused Metalloid Scraps Plans: Fused Spordium Scraps
Chest Plans: Energized Chestplate Plans: Lifeless Tunic Plans: Nanomesh Chestplate
Back Plans: Energized Disk Plans: Lifeless Cape Plans: Nanomesh Backplate
Legs Plans: Energized Legplates Plans: Lifeless Pants Plans: Nanomesh Legplates
Waist Plans: Energized Belt Plans: Lifeless Waistband Plans: Nanomesh Belt
Head Plans: Energized Helmet Plans: Lifeless Helm Plans: Nanomesh Helm
Hands Plans: Energized Handguards Plans: Lifeless Grips Plans: Nanomesh Bracers
Feet Plans: Energized Boots Plans: Lifeless Treads Plans: Nanomesh Boots
Shoulders Plans: Energized Shoulderplates Plans: Lifeless Shoulderguard Plans: Nanomesh Shoulderplates
Face Plans: Energized Mask* Plans: Unliving Mask* Plans: Nanowire Visor*
Neck Plans: Energized Chain Plans: Unliving Amulet Plans: Nanowire Collar
Trinket Plans: Energized Gizmo Plans: Unliving Ornament Plans: Nanowire Gadget
Utility Belt Plans: Energized Belt Plans: Unliving Utility Belt Plans: Nanowire Utility Belt
Weapon Box Plans: Weapon Box - Energized Plans: Weapon Box - Unliving Plans: Weapon Box - Nanowire
Ring Plans: Energized Band* Plans: Lifeless Signet* Plans: Nanowire Band*
Episode 24, 25 and 26
Fused Scraps Plans: Fused Drenzium Scraps
Chest Plans: Fusion-Formed Chestguard
Back Plans: Fusion-Formed Backplate
Legs Plans: Fusion-Formed Leggings
Waist Plans: Fusion-Formed Belt
Head Plans: Fusion-Formed Headguard
Hands Plans: Fusion-Formed Gloves
Feet Plans: Fusion-Formed Boots
Shoulders Plans: Fusion-Formed Shoulderguards
Face Plans: Tempered Alloy Mask*
Neck Plans: Tempered Alloy Chain
Trinket Plans: Tempered Alloy Device
Utility Belt Plans: Tempered Alloy Utility Belt
Weapon Box Plans: Weapon Box - Tempered Alloy
Ring Plans: Tempered Alloy Loop*

* R&D only item, not available as loot drop


  • Originally released for episodes 18, 19 and 20 with game update 54 the R&D Gear system was made available for episodes 15, 16 and 17 with hotfix 11/12/15.
  • Hotfix 02/08/16 reduced the number of Fused Scraps necessary to build each armor piece.
  • The concept of R&D Gear was discontinued with the return to large content releases (Amazon Fury Part III), though it remains in place for content from episode 15 to episode 26.



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