Rarity denotes the worth and difficulty of obtainment for items, armor and weapons in DC Universe Online .

Based on a colored tier system, each obtainable item in the game has an icon that identifies the item and its rarity.

Rarity LevelsEdit

Icon Junk 001


White denotes poor items that do not have a particular rarity as they are easily available as Vendor Junk.

Chest4 1


Light blue denotes common items that do not have entry level rarity as they are easily available as loot drop or purchasable vendor items. Most weapons and gear at the beginning of the game are of common rarity.

Icon Chest 003 Green


Green denotes uncommon items that can usually be found dropped by Mobs. Blue-level vendors also sell uncommon gear and items.

Chest4 3


Blue denotes rare items, usually dropped by high-level mobs and mini-bosses. Orange-level vendors also sell rare gear and items.

Chest4 4


Purple denotes epic items, usually dropped by end of level bossess. Epic items usually denote Iconic Equipment and Iconic Battle Suit pieces.

Chest4 5


Gold denotes legendary items. These are special items gained through The Vault, Promethium Lockboxes, Powerful end level Bosses and Special Promotions. These items are, except for styles and base items, untradable and are currently the rarest items to be found.



Artifact level items originally were only available through special promotions or to the development team. They are the most powerful items to exist in the game.
The first regular items to have artifact rarity are the gear pieces of the Fallen God costume set (Amazon Fury Part III).
Special promotion player artifact level items include the Patriotic Utility Belt and the Recruiter's Utility Belt. Developer artifact level items include the Monitor Helm of Ascension, the Monitor Annihilation Device MKI trinket and the Monitor Ring of Legend.



Yellow denotes Marketplace items which can be found and obtained only from the Marketplace. These items usually are account bound, meaning they can be traded only to other characters of the same player account.

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