Raven Unleashed is a mission in The Demon Inside story arc provided to low level Meta Villains.

Trigon's evil has possesed his daughter Raven and spawned demons across the Tomorrow District. Beat down the Science Police trying to battle Trigon's might.


Trigon's forces find their way to Earth and end up attacking the Tomorrow District. He even takes control of Raven to destroy the city and captures the other Titan members Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, and Donna Troy while corrupting them. Help Trigon to find a way to break his prison and attempt to take over Earth.


"Trigon's evil energy is manifesting in dark orbs. Bring these to the Circle of Corruption cast by Trigon's demons and add to his might." — Circe
  • Go to Chinatown nightclub and speak to Brother Blood.
  • Get to demon attack in Tomorrow district.
  • Take out Science Police (Count: 20).
  • Add to Trigon's might by bringing Trigonic soul orbs to circle of corruption (Count:10).
"Metropolis formed the Science Police as their own super-powered force, including magic. Kinda cute that they think they can take out Trigon. Or you..." — Calculator

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