Feat Star

Story Arc Survival of the Fittest
Alignment Hero
Type Solo
Subtype Hideouts
Instance Gorilla Grodd's Lab


Map, Gorilla Grodd's Lab, Re-Evolver

Re-Evolver is a Solo Hideouts Feat that can be earned by Heroes within the instanced map Gorilla Grodd's Lab, and is part of the Story Arc Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1. It is worth 10 Feat Points.

Summary Edit

"Free all the citizens in Grodd's hideout from the devolution process"

Objectives Edit

  • Devolution Devices (0/3)

Notes Edit

Three Devolution units can be fond within Gorilla Grodd's Lab, and each must be deactivated in order to be awarded the feat. The first two are centrally located in the southernmost rooms of Grodd's Lab, while the final device is found in the final room of the instance, and is accessible following Grodd's defeat.

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