The Re-Spec Device can be used by players to reset the skills of their superheroes or villains.

RAD Kiosk

The Re-Spec Device in the Watchtower.

The player is given back every skill point accumulated by their character so far (except the initial skill point permanently attributed to their first weapon style); so that he or she may redistribute them.

The Re-Spec Device cannot used to select a different type of power set as many assume it does.

Traits Reset

Their locations are:

It costs a flat fee of $500 to re-spec your traits. However, the fee increases with $150 each time you use it. The price lowers back towards $500 for every 24 hours you didn't use the device. For example, if you use it three times in a day, the prices would be $500, $650 and $800; after not using it a day, the price would be $650.


The Re-Spec Device in the Hall of Doom.

Since the release of Home Turf player bases can get a respec station as base amenity. Their appearance differs for the various base themes.



  • Since game update 15 players have the option to reset their skills or their powers or both.
  • Since game update 73 players only have the option to reset their skills since a powerset's powers all are available without reset now.

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