Reign of Blood is a level 5 villain mission started upon the completion of Trigon's Blood (Villains).

Attack Doctor Fate's stronghold and aid Brother Blood in draining the Ankh of Power.

"Now to destroy the Ankh of Power inside the Sentinel Base. Use the orbs inside to summon demons against the Sentinels' pathetic shields. Once the Ankh is drained, Brother Blood will join you... to defeat Fate himself" — Circe


  • Find and drain the Ankh of Power within the Sentinel base
"You just leveled Doctor Fate... he's a Lord of Order, you know! I think we'll be keeping you real busy!" — Calculator


  • After defeating many sentinels, you must defeat Doctor Fate. Keep moving when he uses displacement orbs. Stay next to Brother Blood when he is draining Doctor Fate to be healed slightly.


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