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Hero renown

Hero Factions Renown

Characters earn Renown for each completed mission. Renown is awarded with one of the factions of the character's team. The heroic factions are WayneTech, STAR Labs, and Sentinels of Magic. The villainous factions are the Rogues, LexCorp and the Cult of Trigon.

Renown is needed to purchase items from faction vendors - each item requires the character's renown with that faction to be at, or above, a certain threshold. You reach Neutral after your first quest with each faction.

  • Neutral: 1 - 999 points
  • Cooperative: 1,000 - 2,499 points
  • Friendly: 2,500 - 4,499 points
  • Favorable: 4,500 - 6,499 points
  • Trusted: 6,500 points

Many non-repeatable quests will reward some renown. However, to get the maximum level of renown players must complete the available daily bounties and challenges (early game instances ramped up to level 30). Bounties are worth 40 points and challenges are 125. There are 2 challenges from each faction that can be done daily.

To see your renown, press the "N" key on your keyboard or go to Renown on the Inventory > Deeds tab.

Early in the game a player origin's faction usually has the most renown:

Villan Faction Renown

Villan Factions Renown

Magic: Sentinels of Magic / Cult of Trigon

Meta: S.T.A.R. Labs / LexCorp

Tech: WayneTech / The Rogues

In order to increase their renown, players also can buy faction commendations for Marks of Victory from the faction vendors in the headquarters.


Renown - Champions of Olympus

The Amazon Fury Part III episode introduced a new faction, the Champions of Olympus.

Renown with the new faction can be increased by doing the elite versions of the Olympus and God of Monsters raids. The more renown is gained, the more elite gear is unlocked for buying at the Olympian Equipment Supplier:

  • Cooperative: Head and Hands unlock
  • Friendly: Shoulder and Waist unlock
  • Favorable: Legs and Feet unlock
  • Trusted: Chest and Back unlock


Main article: Renown Feats

Gaining renown also grants several feats.

Renown TokensEdit

Renown token are available as mission loot as well as as vendor items. They grant 125 renown with the according faction or can be sold if not needed.

Renown Tokens
Drop Vendor
Hero Factions
Sentinels of Magic Commendation Sentinels of Magic Commendation (Vendor Item)
STAR Labs Commendation STAR Labs Commendation (Vendor Item)
WayneTech Commendation WayneTech Commendation (Vendor Item)
Villain Factions
Cult of Trigon Commendation Cult of Trigon Commendation (Vendor Item)
LexCorp Commendation LexCorp Commendation (Vendor Item)
The Rogues Commendation The Rogues Commendation (Vendor Item)
Amazon Fury Part III
Champions of Olympus Commendation (Blue) n/a
Champions of Olympus Commendation (Purple) n/a


  • Renown can be boosted with a Renown Booster which is available from the marketplace and also drops from a few story-mode missions while levelling up.

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