Rising to the Challenge is a level 30 mission started automatically upon the completion of Emergency Response.

Your Wing in the Watchtower now offers access to Challenges and the Iconic Battle Suits you can earn through completing Duos, Challenges, Raids, and PVP against the world's villains.


"Now that you've spoken to Zatanna, I think it's time I gave you access to our Daily challenges." — Oracle
"This is one of your Origin vendors. Take some time and see what's in store for you. In fact, your first spendable should already be under your Currency tab." — Oracle
"You've already stomped some villainy, but now every time you triumph in a Daily mission from Hawkman, Zatanna, or the Martian Manhunter, you'll be earning something we call Marks. They're a way of showing your true colors as you fight against crime. And they're the only way to earn the Raid Suits from your Mentor." — Oracle
"There you have it! I've uploaded the data on the League's current Duos, Alerts, and Raids. Look for the star in your communicator's On Duty Tab for what's most urgent each day. You know, today's "star" attraction. We can always use more heroes like you - and the battle has just begun!" — Oracle


  • Emergency Response is not a requirement for challenges from the main wing, and marks could be earned before this introduction.
  • This is written from the perspective of a meta hero.
  • The campaign room is at the south west corner of the meta wing (with Original Flash and Hawkgirl), and the battle gear room (with Supergirl) south east. The player must go to the center of the room.


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