The Robert H. Kane Memorial Bridge is a colassal bridge constructed by the step-brothers Nicholas and Bradley Anders.
Connecting Gotham City to the main land to the north, the bridge was funded by Gotham's four most powerful entrepeneurs; Cameron Kane, Edward Elliot, Theodore Cobblepot and Alan Wayne.

Kane had originally agreed to help finance the bridge with the assurance that it would connect Gotham City with Kane county; an area known for its gambling, prostitution and violence. However, Theodore worried that opening up the city to Kane county would hurt his chances for re-election. However, Edward worried that connecting the bridge to Alan Wayne's land, the only other alternative, would provide the Waynes with too much influence over the city.
Leaving the decision up to Nicholas, the bridge was originally meant to connect with the land belonging to the Waynes, however, after an accident that saw the death of Bradley the bridge was diverted to connect with Kane county.
The bridge was named for Kane's son, whom Nicholas killed in vengeance when he believed that Kane had sabotaged the bridge to connect it with his land.





  • The Robert H. Kane Memorial Bridge is named after Batman creator Robert Kane.
  • The construction of the bridge was the final project of a city-wide reconstruction that saw the creation of the Trigate Bridge, the Old Wayne Tower, the Iceberg Lounge, and Cobblepot Pass.
  • The bridge was built atop of a retaining wall which was built to allow the construction of further buildings in Gotham.

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