Deducing the identities of Batman and Nightwing, Timothy Drake revealed this knowledge to them and argued the need for a Robin to give Batman hope in the face of the darkness he fights. After months of training, Timothy himself became the new Robin; keeping his secret identity as Batman's crime fighting partner secret from his parents, Jack and Janet Drake.

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In an alternate future where the battle between heroes and villains has escalated into war, Robin was murdered by Harley Quinn and wears his tattered cape during the Battle of Metropolis as she assists the Joker in killing heroes.

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  • Robin (Timothy Drake) first appeared in Batman #436 (August 1989)
  • Robin is voiced by Wil Wheaton.
  • The costumes of Batgirl, Robin and the Dark Specter Batsuit can be seen on display in the Batcave in Legends PvP.
  • Talking to Robin while in the Watchtower can lead to him giving the player various comments on his life as a member of the Bat Family as well as being a member and leader of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.
  • During one of the conversation strings, Robin's voice actor, Wil Wheaton, seems to stumble on the word "classes" before recovering and restarting the sentence. It is unknown why this stumble was included in Robin's conversation strings but one may argue that it helps humanize Robin as a kid who sometimes trips over his tongue like most people do from time to time.
  • Robin's collapsible staff is a heavily modified weapon, built to include hidden compartments for extra storage and a 320 gigabyte MP3 player for "those long stakeouts".
  • Robin reveals that the secret for balancing crime fighting at night and classes during the day is coffee. Lots of coffee.
  • A villain character can get Robin's Utility Belt as an iconic drop.
  • Although Tim Drake's Robin predecessor Jason Todd has yet to be introduced into the DC Universe Online storyline nor the roster of hero or villain characters, there are cut scenes after missions that show members of the Bat Family (including Nightwing) with an older Robin donning a red, green, and yellow costume. This indicates the existence of a Robin prior to Tim Drake, but after Dick Grayson.
  • Robin is best friends with Superboy and Kid Flash.


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