Robin is the final boss for villains inside the Joker's Funhouse instance. Depending on if the he's met in the regular instance or the challenge one, his levels are 14 and 30 respectively.

Abilities Edit

  • Robin uses basic Staff attacks.
  • Robin uses several combos from the Martial Arts tree - Heavy Shuriken, Enhanced Shuriken, Shuriken Storm and Smoke Bomb.
  • Robin uses his Legends PVP power Flipline (may stun enemies).
  • Robin uses his Legends PVP power Batarang Fan (Wide cone AoE; may stun enemies).
  • Robin uses an un-interruptable power Spinning Staff - a power similar to his Legends power Staff Flurry, except this time he can move, while performing it.

Tips Edit

  • Unlike Harley Quinn, when Robin uses Spinning Staff he is not invulnerable, nor does he get "dizzy after its use. However, it is suggested, the player dodges Robin, while he uses it.
  • Some form of healing is crucial. A player can run back to where he fought Officer Jones and Officer Smith (where you dropped down). Three Health Barrels (which respawn rapidly) are located there. Robin will follow you down.

Item Drops Edit

Joker's Funhouse


Joker's Funhouse: Challenge Mode


Gallery Edit