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General Information Edit

Movement Removed Effects
Acrobatics N/A
Weapon Removed Attacks
Staff Staff Spin
Added Attacks Activation Special Effects
Batarang Flurry 1 x Hold Range Block Breaker

Power Bars Edit

Main Power Bar
PS3 Loadout Powers Effects Range Targeting Recharge Usable Under CC Debuff/Buff Duration Cast Time Power Duration Pet/Object Effects Recharge After Animation Power/Damage Vulnerable
L2 + Batarang Fan Area Stun

Area Knock Down

Melee Area 5s Yes N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A
L2 + △ Staff Flurry Ranged Push Ranged Cone 12s No N/A Instant 4s N/A Yes Yes Interrupt
L2 + ◯ Flipline Ranged Stun Ranged Single Target 2s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A
L2 + X Stealth Enters Stealth

Change To Stealth Bar

Self N/A 78s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No No N/A
R2 + Forward Flip Knock Down


Lunge Single Target 4s No 1.5s Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A
R2 + △ Backflip Escape Knock Down


Melee Small Cone 4s No 2s Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A

Stealth Power Bar Edit

Activating Movement Mode Or Taking Damage Will Deactivate Stealth Stealth Powers Do Not Cost Power
Powers Effects Range Targeting Recharge Retain Stealth Usable Under CC Cast Time Recharge After Animation Damage Vulnerable
Surprise Attack Knock Down Melee Single Target N/A No No Instant N/A Yes N/A
Tied Up Ranged Stun Minimal Range Single Target 15s Yes No 1S N/A No N/A

External LinksEdit

Youtube: DCUO - Robin Legends PvP Guide by Leandrianh Wáne

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