Dedicated in 1784, Robinson Park is the largest park in Gotham City, covering an area of three hundred acres in central Gotham.
Containing a reservoir that feeds from the Finger River, the park features a memorial/dedication site to many of the city's servicemen, such as police, firemen and medical teams, who have helped save the city from some of its many catastrophic events; such as the earthquake and resulting No Man's Land edict, as well as the three-day city-wide gang war.

In-Game HistoryEdit

  • In his quest to summon Trigon onto Earth, Brother Blood has captured the Titans and taken them into a lair beneath Robinson Park while summoned demons of the Seven Deadly Sins wreak havoc within the park to build the corrupted energies required to summon the demon.
  • The Amazonian encasement spell encapsulating South Gotham cuts right across Robinson Park in Gotham Under Siege.


  • Circe sends a new villain to assist Blood in his quest, intending to take Trigon's power once he is summoned.
  • The ending stages of the Seeds of Rot operation take place in and around Robinson Park.


GothamRobinson ParkGotham - Robinson Park





  • Robinson Park first appeared in Batman #404 (February 1987).
  • Robinson Park is named after comicbook artist Jerry Robinson, who is best known as the creator of the Joker, Two-Face and Alfred Pennyworth.
  • The Flash can be seen fighting Brother Blood's acolytes in the north-eastern corner of the park.
  • Poison Ivy took control of the park during the No Man’s Land year but was eventually forced out by Batman and the G.C.P.D.

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