Robot Sidekick is an active Iconic Power that summons a pet of the same name.


Deploy a hovering security drone to assist in battle.

While in combat with your Robot Sidekick alive, your passive power regeneration is reduced.

Hold the Robot Sidekick button for three seconds to banish it.


Cooldown: 6s
Power Cost: 300



  • Primary Attack - Fires a shot to damage enemies
  • Rockets - A slower, more powerful ranged attack
  • Melee Attack - Deals damage at melee range
  • Forcefield - Absorbs damage for a short period of time


  • Robot Sidekick can be banished by holding the Robot Sidekick button for three seconds to banish it.
  • If the player removes the Robot Sidekick power from the Loadout bar or is knocked out, the robot would automatically self-destruct.
  • Interestingly, although the concept of a robot sidekick is largely associated with Booster Gold, the Robot Sidekick's appearance is based off of a Security Drone; a mob affiliated with Batman.


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