Rose By Any Other Name is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Burnley district of the city of Gotham, near quest objectives for the story arc "_". There are 6 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit

The deadly diva known as Poison Ivy has been quietly working for years to perfect several species of hybrid roses. The amount of work she's put into them is phenomenal. Find samples of each species to uncover their beautiful secrets.

Collectibles Edit

Name Description Location Image
Eggshell Hybrid Rose Forensic Toxicology Report: This rose might have been white if not for the sheer amount of poison in it.
Egyptian Blue Hybrid Rose Forensic Toxicology Report: The toxins in this rose cause immediate paralysis.
Wisteria Hybrid Rose Forensic Toxicology Report: This rose contains a powerful neurotoxin that suppresses freewill.
Ivory Hybrid Rose Forensic Toxicology Report: One prick from this rose and we'd need to call the coroner.
Ruby Hybrid Rose Forensic Toxicology Report: Leave it to Ivy to stick with the classics.
Crimson Hybrid Rose Forensic Toxicology Report: The petals of this flower are teeming with potent pheromones.

Reward Edit

Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Robin or the Pamela Isley, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Robin Subject: Pretty Poison
"Yeah! You pwned her! That's the last time I let Ivy take me captive. Good work gathering these poisonous plants. As pretty as they are, their thorns can be deadly."
Attachment: Harvester’s Chestplate


Mail icon From: Pamela Isley Subject: My Babies!
"Villains. Swine. Most of the inmates at Arkham couldn't care less about the beauty of a rose. You have higher aims, gathering them to safety. These are some of my greatest works. My babies are full of deadly toxins, and they wont go to seed."
Attachment: Harvester’s Chestplate


This collection rewards the player with the Harvester’s Chestplate item.



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