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Rule the World is a common mission received by all villain characters after completing The Awakening. Upon exiting the previous mission, players are transported to one of three different Safehouses, selected by the choice of Mentor selected at character creation, and are given a tour by Calculator.

Tour the Nightclub Safehouse.


"Welcome to the mail room. You've got your mailboxes, your Hall of Doom teleporter, your PVP and Alert do know how to use a mailbox right? Good, cause I've send you a little something something. Check it out then go speak with Blood Priest Streg/Triggerman Tony/Agent Temperance here in the nightclub. You're already on the payroll, time to get to work." — The Calculator


"I am the Goddess Circe, and I am impressed. Not all of Brainiac's targets are strong enough to escape him. Turn your magic to my cause, and we will rule this planet with out power! The first step is destroying the strongholds Doctor Fate and his Sentinels of Magic have made in Chinatown. Show them they cannot stand against our might!" — Circe

Upon completion, Fateful Demise is started.


"[Laughs] Welcome to Gotham! Maybe you've heard of me, they call me... the Joker. I hear you're the firecracker who blew out that Brainiac Harvester ship. You know, if you feel like setting more of the town on fire, then come on down to Gotham's Burnley Waterfront. I've got a little cops-and-robbers problem that could use your kind of... explosive intervention." — Joker

Upon completion, Party Crashers is started.


"I require your help at the Metropolis University. Power Girl's leading a metapowered rally there. I'll contact you with more details when you're onsite." — Lex Luthor

Upon completion, Rush Week is started.


  • Cash: $6
  • 217 xp upon completion (level 3)