This is a level 30 instance for tech-power hero or villain players who have Batman or the Joker as their mentor. It is also available as tier 4 duo.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Discovering that Brainiac was using a STAR Labs space station to store Exobyte data, Batman and the Joker send their forces to acquire the data and disrupt Brainiac's assimilation of the station. However, they soon discover that Brainiac was creating robotic duplicates of themselves and, upon discovery, sent the copies to destroy the original.






  • Where the player is teleported to following the awakening of the Robot Joker/Robot Batman depends on their alignment. Villain characters are transported to Arkham Asylum where they defend the Joker from his robotic double, while Hero characters are transported to an Undisclosed Location where they defend the Batman from his robotic double.