STAR Ex is an Armor Style Set.

Only available from a Doctor Thomas in the Watchtower's Meta Wing. Requires Marks of Victory and Cooperative renown with STAR Labs


STAR Ex (Healer)
Pieces Drops Stats

The hijacked servitor Is the opposite faction version of this armor

STAR Ex (Tank)
Pieces Drops Stats
STAR Ex (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats

Reinforced Plexiderm Chestplate

Light Plexiderm Leggings

Mirrored Flowsteel Helmet

Molded Plexiderm Shoulders

Flowsteel-Injected Power Gauntlets

Slim Flowsteel Belt

Laminated Plexiderm Boots

Enameled Plexiderm Backplate

964 Defence

560 Health

78 Power

102 Precision

386 Might

STAR Ex (Damage)
Pieces Drops Stats



  • Collecting the full style set unlocks the feat Pulsar STAR (25 points).



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