Devolve STAR Labs forces into gorillas.


"Grodd and his forces are planning their attack on STAR Labs to regain his broadcast device, and they're hoping for backup of a primal kind. Grodd has a commander who can give you what you need to make STAR Labs go...ape." — Lex Luthor
"That device is hacked out of the last of Grodd's technology from Gorilla Island. Ever since Ultra-Humanite tried to take over the Island, Grodd's had to improvise. Enjoy it while it works." — Lex Luthor
  • Destroy the S.T.A.R. Labs containers and steal the black box contained within (0/15)
  • Weaken S.T.A.R. Labs forces and test the Devolver on them (0/10)
"STAR Labs is supposedly Metropolis's premier research arm. They do work on Exobytes with Superman! Tsk tsk, you'd think they'd be prepared for things like an angry ape invasion." — Calculator


STAR Goes Ape2

The devolving is complete.

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