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Not to be confused with Base.

Safe Houses are locations with the specific purpose of serving as a safe haven for players where they can not be attacked by players or environment objects.

A safe house provides low-level vendors, email, Teleporters to the JLA Watchtower (Hero) or Hall of Doom (Villain) and hosts the beginning missions for a storyline.

Safe HousesEdit






  • To discourage predator PvPing, each Safe House possesses two NPCs that performs massive knock backs to players that are of the opposing alignment (e.g. a Hero character will be knocked away from the entrance of the Club 539, as will a Villain character be knocked away from the entrance of the GCPD 12th Precinct). While this also grounds a player, this is usually not a problem as they knock back the player so hard, by the time they hit the ground the effect would wear off, unless they land on a tall building. The NPC could actually be killed by attacking from the edge of the player's range. They are level 30, have a lot of health and no drops.


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