If nurtured properly, seeds from the Tree of Rot can provide immeasurable powers of decay. Felix Faust has discovered one of these rotten seeds and intends to cultivate it into sapling before protectors of the Green discover his plans.

Seeds of Rot is a eight player operation for villains who have reached level 30 and acquired both combat rating of 70 and Hand of Fate DLC.


Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit

  • Travel to cursed area near Gotham Mercy Hospital.
  • Trash objects to increase disease and destruction (Count: 75).

Act 3Edit

  • Use infected seed pots on civilians and prevent Hazmat disinfection (Count: 7)
  • Find Hazmat truck.

Act 4Edit

  • Travel to Robinson Park.
  • Find and use hazardous waste drums to pollute city's water supply (Count: 5).
  • Search area for a Taproot of Rot.


Completing this operation grants 6 Marks of War, 3 Focusing Element IV and 3 Epic equipments & Epic Role nonspecific 131 DPS weapon and a Report of Black Arts.



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