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The Sentinels of Magic was a loose confederation of mystical heroes originally assembled to thwart the angel Asmodel's uprising in Hell.

Following that event, the team remained together in order to safeguard reality from supernatural menaces. Including keeping a watch over the one weapon that could stop the Spectre; the Spear of Destiny.


Following the increase of magical forces both benign and malevolent, the Sentinels of Magic grew under Doctor Fate's influence to include ranks of minor spellcasters, sorcerers and magicians to act as a sizeable force in the growing conflicts.


  • As a supporting Faction member, Heroes can gain trust with the Sentinels of Magic through completing certain missions or collecting Bounties and gain access to rare and powerful items and equipment from Sentinels of Magic vendors.
  • Heroes can obtain the Sentinels of Magic Logo as an Emblem if they have full Trusted renown with the faction.


  • New magic villains are sent by Brother Blood to raid one of the Sentinels of Magic bases, and later their Citadel, in Metropolis Chinatown and confront and defeat Doctor Fate in order to weaken the wards holding Trigon from entering this dimension.
  • In a plan to make the Spectre run rampant, magic villains are sent to invade on the Sentinels of Magic bases in Metropolis' Midtown to free Eclipso from his prison.







  • The Sentinels of Magic first appeared in Day of Judgment #1 (November 1999).


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