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The Green Lantern of space sector 1417 and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)’s teacher, Sinestro grew corrupted by his power and proclaimed himself ruler of his home planet. The Guardians stripped him of his power ring and banished him to Qward where he fashioned a new power ring of yellow energy and returned to do battle against the Green Lantern Corps.
Imprisoned and condemned to death, Sinestro’s spirit remained in the Central Power Battery where he allied with Parallax and, after escaping, created the Sinestro Corps on Qward to continue his war against the Green Lanterns.

Alternate TimelineEdit

In the alternate timeline, Sinestro and his corps come under attack on the planet Korugar by Brainiac. While the Green Lantern corps are sent to blockade the planet and contain the two groups, Sinestro's corps are gradually overpowered as Brainiac discovers and begins syphoning power from the Central Power Battery.
In a last ditch attack with Hal Jordan's assistance, Sinestro attempts to attack Brainiac himself only to discover that the Brainiac present at the battle was a hologram.
With his power battery abducted and power ring useless, Sinestro is eventually killed when Brainiac's robots attack and injure Hal Jordan; who was attempting to keep them alive in the vacuum of space.

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  • Sinestro has been captured by the Justice Society of America somewhere in Metropolis. Lex Luthor advises you to break into the JSA Safehouse located in Metropolis to free Sinestro.
  • Recruited by Sinestro, villain players are sent to stop Larfleeze and his Orange Lantern Corps from stealing various christmas presents and gifts from Gotham City and Metropolis and sending them to Okaara during the Winter Holidays Seasonal Event
  • Sinestro supports the new villains in infiltrating the Oan Sciencells to free capture Sinestro Corps members.
  • Sinestro is the quest master in the tier 5 eight player operation Assault and Battery from the War of the Light Part I DLC.

Known DropsEdit

Fearbringer Backguard

Evil's Might


  • Sinestro first appeared in Green Lantern #7 (August 1961)
  • Sinestro's voice is provided by voice actor Scottie Ray.


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