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Sins of the Father: Episode 4 is an Episode Briefing That can be found in Robinson Park of Gotham. There are seven parts that comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

"Brother Blood attempts a final bid to raise Trigon in the depths of Gotham!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Sins IV:  Vicki Vale Edit

  • Location: On the top of the Burnley Nightclub, between the water tank and antennae.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Unknown"

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Part 2: Sins IV: Vicki Vale Edit

  • Location: Rooftop level of the tall building one block south of the Diamond District police station
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Unknown"

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Part 3: Sins IV: Jack Ryder Edit

  • Location: on top of the floating pillar that appears to be laying on its side
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Unknown"

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MGOT101 SKYBOX-PC-30-17.37.190

behind the pillar sry for my english

Part 4: Sins IV: Commissioner Gordon Edit

  • Location: Ground level, southwest corner of the tall building one block southeast of the Diamond District police station (same building as the Vicki Vale (2) brief)
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Commisioner Gordon"

Part 5: Sins IV: Circe Edit

Sins of the Father Ep 4 - Circe Sins of the Father Ep 4 - Circe Map
  • Location: Reservoir-side gazebo, on the sidewalk near a bottled building.
  • Briefing : Circe: "Circe speaks, to you alone. For you, of all my allies, are my favorite. Brother Blood thinks to claim my place, but we know better, hmm? Bring Trigon's dark energies to this plane to exploit. For I am saving a special place for you by my side when we add his power to my own."

Part 6: Sins IV: Wonder Woman Edit

Sins of the Father Ep 4 - Wonder Woman Sins of the Father Ep 4 - Wonder Woman Map
  • Location: On the ground in the middle of the Pillars of Hades.
  • Briefing : Wonder Woman: "I am Wonder Woman. If you have claimed this orb I know you are not yet Circe's slave, nor Trigon's. Though this is what they plan. My lasso reveals the truth, and know this: when Circe promises you power, she lies."

Part 7: Sins IV: Joker Edit

Sins of the Father Ep 4 - Joker Sins of the Father Ep 4 - Joker Map
  • Location: At A Shadow of Hell, beneath the archway.
  • Briefing : Joker: "Boo! Hahahahaha! Scared yet? You should be, because dead men tell no tales, but live men can always spill their guts."


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this briefing players receive a message from Vicki Vale, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: Vicki Vale Subject: Briefing: Sins of the Father IV
"Gotham Now News Brief: Gotham University is still trying to recover tonight after an influx of the mindless dead onto campus. Sentinels of Magic officials are on the scene, trying to make sense of the mindless carnage. For Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale."
Attachment: Belt of the Heavens


Icon Waist 001 Blue

This briefing rewards the player with the Belt of the Heavens waist style item.



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