Endorsed by Booster Gold, Skeets Repairs kiosks appear at the beginning of each secret base, or "Final level", that appears at the end of a storyline set of missions, as well as in duos and some alerts. Acting as vendors, they allow the player to purchase consumables or sell and repair various equipment before going off to battle.

Vendor ListEdit

Soder Cola Extreme (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 900 Soder Cola Extreme
Soder Cola Supreme (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 726 Soder Cola Supreme
Soder Cola Plus (6x) Consumable MoneyPickup 552 Soder Cola Plus

Instances ListEdit

Instances with a Skeets Repairs kiosk:


This vendor will repair gear.

In advanced instances the vendor list may be reduced to the Soder Cola Extreme.


See alsoEdit

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